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Counselling for Individuals.

A course of Counselling or Psychotherapy will help reduce the emotional impact of what you are experiencing, and provide understanding to your feelings. It will also provide new perspectives, releasing you from restrictive thought patterns.


Therapy can provide important time, and space, to think through your options, and discover different ways of coping. Everything is up for discussion, and nothing is irrelevant. I am what is known as an Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist. This simply means I use a number of different therapeutic approaches, where each client is viewed as an individual with different needs from the therapy process. Whatever your reason for considering therapy I will provide you with a safe, supportive and confidential environment in which to think more deeply about your concerns. 

Listening carefully to your concerns

The Integrative  approach recognises that many of the problems, that are difficult to change, can be traced back to the part of the mind, that is outside of our awareness. I am trained to listen carefully, and at a deeper level, to recognise limiting beliefs, and thought patterns that may be holding you back.


I make use of early memories, events and significant relationships to gain a deeper understanding of the person you are, allowing you to recognise where problem thoughts and feelings originate. 

What can counselling achieve?

Although no two outcomes are the same, clients leave the process reporting that they feel more decisive, optimistic, empowered, and able to relate to others in a more confident and authentic way.

The issues I work with

Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Abuse, Aspergers, Autism, Bereavement, Depression, Relationship Therapy, Domestic Violence, Grief, Isolation and Loneliness, LGBTQ Issues, Midlife Issues, Panic Attacks, Sexuality, Shame, Stress, Relationships and Sexual Concerns, Compulsive sexual behaviour, Trauma, Unprocessed Loss, Work Issues.

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