When I initially saw Richard, I was experiencing severe relationship issues which had been on-going for many years despite seeing other therapists. Richard’s professionalism and ability to view events from all perspectives and offer guidance where needed managed to give me the tools I needed to save my relationship" 



"Thank you for your kindness and support. It is something I will be forever grateful for" 


"Our work together has been life changing. Life changing in the sense that has enabled me to make changes in myself that has in turn led to great and happy changes in my life overall."


"Your analysis, coaching and patience have undoubtedly helped me to make me a more confident and complete person. The people around me would thank you too, if they were fully able to appreciate that too."


"Its difficult to put in to words how my life feels now to three years when ago we started working together. I like myself which is a new feeling. I no longer have to prove my self to others, and don't have to feel guilty for saying no. Thank you for listening."


"Thank you isn't enough. I know you'll claim that I've led myself to where I am today, but without your skill and guidance I doubt that I would be any further than I was when I met you a year ago."


"I am literally a different person and can't thank you enough for that, not just from me but from my family too. Thank you for choosing the career you did, and for making a difference to people like me."


"What Richard provided was a place of safety, a place of calm, where I could just 'be'.  It was okay to sit with my thoughts and emotions in tumult and 'allow' them.  Richard's intuitive understanding, patience and insightful knowing, 'contained' what felt like an overwhelming maelstrom, and enabled me ultimately to acknowledge it and let it pass.  I found the process frustrating, painful, revelatory, liberating and life-changing."


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