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Relationship Therapy.


Whether you're young or old,  single or in a relationship, I can support you with issues surrounding your relationships. 


I am passionate about working with couples because of the powerful impact that relationship difficulties can have on every aspect of a  partners happiness and general well-being. I see couples who have been really struggling or feeling stuck, to help them to successfully address the issues that get in the way of happier and more supportive relating. The focus is on improving communication, and problem solving skills, understanding relationship patterns and increasing empathy. Difficulties in partnerships cause distress, disappointment, guilt, anger, rejection or loneliness. 


I am there to support you both, and to point out patterns, and modes of communication that are observed. You will be encouraged to take responsibility for your own choices and actions. The priority is to give both partners the time, to tell their story, in an environment where sides won't be taken.


These are some of the issues that I work with;

  • recovery from affairs

  • difficulty  in communicating needs

  • escalating arguments

  • cultural differences

  • negotiating monogamous and non- monogamous relationships

  • loss of intimacy or sexual desire

  • adapting to marriage

  • children/parenting

  • work life balance

  • autism within the couple relationship

  • responding to loss - bereavement, career etc

  • ending relationships, and moving on

An aspect of the work is to revisit the rules and expectations that have been established over time, and consider how they impact on the current state of the relationship. 


Relationship therapy isn't just for couples. You might be in a relationship but need to discuss something that is troubling you, privately without your partner. Or maybe you are considering ending your relationship and want to talk it through. Perhaps you find yourself attracted to someone else and don't know what to do about it.

Perhaps your relationship has recently ended and you are feeling the loss or bewilderment about what happened. Maybe your confidence and self esteem have been shaken. You might still be trying to disentangle yourself. Or maybe you've ended something and are wondering whether you have made a mistake.

You might be single and feeling unhappy and isolated. Maybe you want a relationship, but it just doesn't seem to work out. Perhaps at the same time as wanting a relationship you are also frightened of the prospect of being in one. Or maybe you've given up the idea of ever finding anyone.

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