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LGBTQ Counselling.

Despite major steps forwards in equality in recent years, people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender are still too often victims of homophobia or transphobia, and they are greatly misunderstood. I have extensive experience of offering therapy to the LGBTQ community. 


I welcome those whose legally consensual relationships may be monogamous, casual, non-monogamous, open and polyamorous, irrespective of sexual orientation. I welcome clients on the gender variant spectrum: trans women, trans men, non binary gender people, cross dressers, transvestites, genderqueer, androgynes, those who identify as intersex, alongside those living with variations in sexual development.


As a therapist I offer a non-pathologising, sex positive  approach to exploring who you are.


Non-judgemental and confidential


Sometimes our sexuality, gender and sexual desires can be complex, leaving us feeling confused about who we are. Accepting ourselves can be more difficult than it seems. Figuring out who we are and what to do can be a lonely process, especially when faced with pressure to conform to the ‘norms’ of society of what it ‘should’ be like to be a man or a woman, and what it ‘should’ be like to be sexual. There may be fear and anxiety thinking about the risk of humiliation or bullying by others, which can also be daunting and distressing when thinking about coming out.


By talking through your problems  in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment you can begin to build up a solid base of support that can equip you with the coping strategies for dealing with the problems you face. I can  help you explore complex and painful emotions in safety and comfort.

Issues suited to LGBTQ counselling and psychotherapy

  • Depression, anxiety or low self-esteem

  • Sexual, gender or relationship orientation

  • Coming out

  • "Chem" Sex

  • Living with HIV/AIDS or other illnesses

  • Exploration of non-monogamy in relationships

  • Relationship Anarchy

  • Relationship issues

  • Fidelity, trust and jealousy issues

  • Negotiating significant relationships

  • Gender transition and exploration

  • Sexual problems

  • Substance/addiction issues

  • Trauma such as bullying, homophobia or stigma

Your sexuality may not present as the primary reason to come to my practice and I recognise your autonomy for it not to be a focus, though it may be worthy of consideration.

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