LGBTQ Counselling.

Each and everyone of us can be affected by depression, anxiety and low self esteem, regardless of our sexual orientation, yet for lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and queer (LGBTQ) individuals and couples, the sources of mental distress are both wide and far-reaching. 


Coming to terms with one’s sexuality, facing homophobic attitudes and discrimination, and suffering rejection from the ones we love are all issues that have the potential to cause significant emotional and psychological distress. They permeate all aspects of life including self-worth, relationships and even our occupation and career choices, and unsurprisingly they can have a devastating impact on health and happiness.  Consequently, it can feel as if there is no one who can help and no way out of the spiral of distress and misery.

Non-judgemental and confidential


By talking through the problems  in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment you can begin to build up a solid base of support that can equip you with the coping strategies to challenge the problems you face. I can provide you with the tools and techniques to be able to cope effectively with events/situations that might precipitate distress, and help you explore complex and painful emotions in safety and comfort.


Therapy can target surrounding issues such as depression, anxiety or substance use which may be blocking your way to better mental health. I can also explore issues surrounding sex and relationships, and support you with achieving both your short and long-term goals. I also offer couples counselling, if both you and your partner feel this would be of benefit to your relationship.

Issues suited to LGBTQ counselling and psychotherapy

  • Depression, anxiety or low self-esteem

  • Confusion about your sexual orientation

  • Coming out

  • Identify Issues concerning sexuality or gender

  • Living with HIV/AIDS or other illnesses

  • Exploration of non-monogamy in relationships

  • Relationship issues

  • Fidelity, trust and jealousy issues

  • Negotiating significant relationships

  • Gender transition and exploration

  • Sexual problems

  • Substance/addiction issues

  • Trauma such as bullying, homophobia or stigma

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